5 Short-Term Rental Potential Customers Under the Pandemic

Our cases shows strength and resilience of short-term property renatal markets during the pandemic.

By KozyGuru / September 07, 2021

5 Questions to Ask When Hiring an Airbnb Property Manager

Are you thinking of hiring a vacation rental company to manage rentals for your vacation property? Ask below questions before.

By KozyGuru / September 06, 2021

Vacation Rental Strategy During Lockdowns

Case of Rental Property

By KozyGuru / September 02, 2021

Impact of Covid on Australia Rental Market and Trends : A Case Study

『Australian Financial Review』Interview

By KozyGuru / September 02, 2021

What Does an Airbnb Manager Do?

Learn More About Short Term Rental Property Manager

By KozyGuru / September 02, 2021



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