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Outstanding Property Maintenance Services. No more unattended repairs, we handle all issues from start to finish.

Rental Property Maintenance Services by KozyGuru

We are keen to ensure that your property is maintained in a pristine condition so that guests have the best experience possible. In order to ensure that our properties meet the standards set by KozyGuru, we conduct a series of inspections between each check-in.

There are various types of issues that can arise in all types of properties, and if not dealt with promptly, they may negatively impact the guests' experience. We have an internal maintenance team providing 24/7 response and fast response times. Our team identifies problems prior to guests' arrival and after their departure. We will provide property owners with comprehensive reports allowing them to obtain a full understanding of the status of their property maintenance services.

Your property as well as our guests are in good hands when you partner with KozyGuru. We've partnered with reputable trade partners who help us 24/7. However, before calling on trade partners, we have our extensive database of warranty documents to assist us in troubleshooting any issues.

Local and overseas investors and landlords trust us to maintain their properties

Our services include managing deposits, collecting rent, and adhering to landlords' legal obligations and safety standards. Our diverse portfolio includes more than 100+ properties in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, supported by a team of committed professionals including experienced and qualified property managers. We are flexible and reliable. We handle everything from maintenance to property investment advice and compliance, tailored to your needs. Many corporate tenants prefer managed tenancies because they are easier and more efficient. For landlords, it means less time dealing with tenants, taking care of day-to-day maintenance and dealing with a rental property. Here is how you can benefit from our full suite of services:


  • Maintaining compliance with all tenancy legislation
  • Administration for new or terminated tenancies
  • Insurance claims contact
  • Lease liaison, if needed
  • Sustainable investment property management
  • Contractors

  • Contractors are typically available 24 hours a day
  • A vetted, insured, and fully qualified contractor
  • We handle the worst case scenarios, like infestations, leaks, and electrics
  • Property maintenance

  • Ensure all safety checks are done and all necessary records are issued. Such as electrical and gas safety certificates.
  • Engaging professional cleaners and gardeners, as needed
  • Repair, maintenance, refurbishment and redecorating estimates
  • Obtaining furniture or other items, if funds are available,
  • Refurbishment

  • To maximize your investment's potential income, it is recommended that you look after every aspect of your property. Before putting it on the market, make sure your rental property is in good shape. We can assist you in the process of redecorating as well as painting your rental property to make it look spick and span. Our team of trusted tradesmen and contractors adhere to the high standards we aim to achieve for our clients. To attract the right tenants, at the right time, we can also ensure your maintenance project is completed on time and on budget.
  • Caretaking services

  • Offering vacant property care tailor-made to your short-term or long-term needs as part of our property management package; so you can make sure your investment is protected.
    Caretaking service is usually available to owners whose properties are left unoccupied before a tenancy starts, after a tenancy has ended, or even between tenancies. Insuring vacant property is easier with our service. The service includes:

  • Key holding
  • Repairs and maintenance carried out by qualified and experienced tradesmen
  • Arranging of pre-occupancy works - we will help prepare the property for letting by instructing and overseeing works
  • Dealing with utilities in your absence where applicable

  • Upon request, we can also provide a void period service that includes:
  • Regular property inspections, suited to your insurance needs. In winter, this could include ensuring the heating is turned on, the property is aired, and that any potential problems are resolved.
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