Introducing long-term rentals in Australia

The goal of investing in property is usually not to live in it, but to make money from it. A popular way to invest money in Australia is through property, but before you get started, consider whether it's right for you.

Long term rental benefits

Mid term rental management

Long-term tenants still have advantages over short-term visitors, despite being able to charge less nightly. You know you will receive a steady income once your property is rented. You don't need to buy furniture or worry about it getting damaged since your tenants usually furnish the place themselves. As well as paying the utility bills, it is their responsibility to keep the place clean. When you have a property manager who takes care of inspections and maintenance requests, a long-term arrangement requires less effort on your part. You won't have to worry about vacancies or an ever-changing tourism industry. It is possible to end up with long-term tenants who are very demanding or unreliable. If you don't have a clear contract or a professional property manager to support you, it can be difficult to move them on.

Short term vs long term rental

 You can generate income and reduce holding costs by renting out your investment property through platforms like Airbnb or Stayz. People go down this road because they can charge considerably more on a night-by-night basis. It is, however, important to note that short term rentals have some downsides that can make them risky. You will need to furnish short-term rentals, which adds to your budget. To get good reviews, you need to have every household item available, including furniture, linens, and appliances. A short-term rental property is similar to operating a hotel (to an extent). It will be a revolving door of people coming and going, and you will have to clean and prepare the palace between each set of guests. Short-term tenants are more difficult to hold accountable when things go wrong, even with the property listing platforms. Overseas visitors are especially vulnerable. Utility bills are a concern if you rent out your investment property short-term. Long-term tenants don't have to pay for electricity and WiFi. It is also possible to receive negative reviews, which can have a negative impact on occupancy. Despite your best efforts, you may still receive disheartening feedback from visitors who have unrealistic expectations. Cleaning the property and managing your guests are also important. It can be a lot of work to have people checking in and out every few days. Paying a specialist property manager is one option, just as you would with a long-term rental. For these services, they will charge a small fee. When the market is busy, short term rentals can be lucrative, but local competition can cut into your profits. In areas with a surplus of short-term stay options, you may find your property empty for longer periods than expected. You can offset the additional money you might make from charging more per night or being booked out at Christmas with this. Last but not least, you should check the rules in your building, local area, or state. As of November 1, short-term rental rules in NSW changed.ow required toRegistrants must pay a registration fee to register their property, and other states may If your building has banned short term rentals, it is probably due to the problems caused by people constantly coming and going or inviting additional guests for loud parties. Review your by-laws! Breaching them could result in a fine.

How it works

1.Property assessment We assess your property’s hosting potential and get you ‘guest ready’

2.Photography & marketing Our photography and styling team will turn your investment property into a long-term holiday home that everyone wants to stay in.

3.Start earning We will utilise Dynamic Pricing to ensure we get you the best rental returns possible.

Benefits of KozyGuru property management service

KozyGuru, more than just a rental management company

We are not your regular property management company; we are a performance-focused investment property management specialist
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