We Style Your Home

Airbnb Property Styling & Furnishing with our KozyGuru Pro Styling Service.

Create spaces that work

Home setup

Our goal is to make your home both functional and stylish. You can rely on us for everything you need to make your rental property functional.


Our packages are reasonably priced and thoughtfully curated, making them an excellent value. We balance investment and return with care. No sacrificing of quality here.

Flexibility in style

Our team will set up your home with everything you need to be functional and beautiful. So you get everything you need.

Package Updates

If you stay at your own home from time to time, but you'd like a more high-end artwork or better mattress, see our base package. We can customize your package to meet your needs.

Quick Turn Around

Our guests will be welcome from the day your keys are handed over to us in 14 days. This means your property will be able to generate income immediately.

We've got you covered

We have built in contingency plans in case anything goes wrong during the first year. A replacement item will be provided for free. Need two years of warranty? Let us know.

Steps to a Stylish Dream Home

Feel free to contact us:
Onsite inspection: To decide what airbnb property styling and furnishing package suit your needs and make a detailed list of everything you need.
Curating and Ordering: Our packages are tailored and we ensure no property ever looks the same, so you have an individual style and stand out from the crowd.
Delivering: We make sure all is delivered in time and everything is working in order. Our amazing team will put everything together so it’s properly assembled and stands the test of time.
Cleaning: We remove all the rubbish and clean the house.
Installing: Our master stylist will come by to put the finishing touches on the home to get it ready to shine for the photographs.

Find Your Airbnb Property Styling with KozyGuru

Our in-house architect team ensures we design the spaces to make the most of their functions - great for hosting, relaxing, exercising, and everything in between.

Reimagine your portfolio

Your portfolio's yield will go up if your property is well-finished and well-designed.

Thanks. We will be in contact with you soon ! We value your time and respond to all inquiries within 24 hours.