Fancy a 5 stars Airbnb experience but doesn’t want to bleed your wallet? In fact, it always feels like playing hide-and-seek when looking for the right place to stay in Airbnb. When you think you have found “it”, suddenly you come across the “IT”. This is what I like about Airbnb. The sheer amount and diversity of Airbnb hosts have offered such vibrant and interesting short stay options. In this episode, we would love to look at the Airbnb Plus in Sydney that are very different in price range, yet manage to grapple thousands of travelers.

“An inexpensive Airbnb does not equate an inexpensive experience!”

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Airbnb Plus in Sydney 1: The Blue Gallery

An entire apartment situated in Redfern, which is just two train stops away from the buzzling of Sydney city. This home is styled with hues of blue and wood textures, with the addition of artwork around the space breathes creativity into their property! They are just ~A$115 per night! Check out their property here

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Airbnb Plus Sydney

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Airbnb Plus in Sydney: Converted Warehouse Loft with Balcony Bar

An architectural triumph which boasts a podium-style lounge room with unimaginable high ceilings, split-level design and exposed beam. This offers you an elevated view and opens onto a private terrace. This property is only A$125 per night! Check out their property here!
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Airbnb Plus in Sydney: Live in Federation Style Luxury 

A marvelous preserved character of the Federation period with soaring, patterned ceilings and hand-crafted leaded glass windows. This house features multiple bedroom with unique individuality together with thoughtful common space which allows plenty of human interaction yet uncompromised privacy. It costs A$1,600 per night!!! You will love it! Check out their property here!

Airbnb Plus in Sydney
Airbnb Plus in Sydney
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Airbnb Plus in Sydney: Curated Boutique Design with Private Balcony

This eclectic apartment and the unique design touches features a blend of classic and contemporary furniture, specialty decor, lush plants, and modern finishes. It is just A$125 per night. Check out their property here!

Best Airbnb Sydney

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Airbnb Plus in Sydney: Take the Ferry to the Little Black Shack

Home Hostess has lovingly restored this original timber and sandstone fishermen cottage on the edge of beautiful Mackerel Beach in Pittwater into a getaway oasis. A$600 for one night in this beautiful cottage! Check out their property here!

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Airbnb Sydney

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