How to get more bookings on Airbnb?


Airbnb is currently the largest online community for people to either list their property or rent a holiday home. The marketplace has growing potential and benefits for people looking to rent out their homes and become hosts.


Earning some extra money, meeting new people and helping visitors to create a ‘home-away-from-home’ does sound like a sweet deal. But remember, you are not alone in the marketplace! You are essentially competing against more than 1,500,000 listings all around the world.


So how can you make your house stand out and get more bookings when there are so many other properties out there on Airbnb? It may sound hard and competitive, but let me tell you one thing. It’s all about creativity and strategy!




Actively updating your profile on Airbnb will help your listing stay on top of the Airbnb search engine. Be up-to-date on the availability of your listing; Obviously if your home is available and not booked by anyone, make sure it appears as ‘available’ on those dates so you don’t miss any potential bookings. If you receive reviews and requests from visitors, respond to them as soon as possible!!


  1. RATES


Everyone wants to make money, but setting a price that is too high will not help your listing from getting more bookings. Take a look at other listings from competitors and see what they are offering! But don’t set it too low since you have to make money. Include your home value, utility, as well as your operating time when you are setting up the price. Specific events and seasons for example, Christmas and New Year will call for custom prices.




Offer something that others don’t offer! Your home might not be the most luxurious house out there, but you can earn good reviews from visitors in other ways; Cook them a meal during their stay, give them travel tips, provide daily necessities like clean towels etc… Simple things will add to an unforgettable experience for your visitors! Ask them to leave good reviews on your profile in which will help legitimizing your listing!

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It depends on you how you want to show your hospitality




Sometimes it might not be enough to only advertise yourself on the Airbnb website. You can often use social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to optimise bookings for your home. Post good quality photos and descriptions from time to time, and believe me in no time, your inboxes will be filled with booking requests!


Getting your listing to the top on the Airbnb search engine is a serious competition. It is not as hard as it sounds with the help of technology, a bit of creativity and strategy though! If you are having a quiet month with comparatively less bookings, you can always learn from your competitors or seek help from professional Airbnb property management teams like KozyGuru!