Going on a vacation? What is the hottest new travel trend? You have two main options on where to stay. Hotels and Vacation rentals. Nowadays, vacation rentals are proving to be a better option for most travelers. This is especially true if your vacation is longer than a week.

This article discusses the advantages of vacation rentals over hotels and why you should consider using vacation rentals when next you go on a vacation.

Vacation Rentals Are Cheaper. Vacation rentals are very affordable as several optional services provided by hotels are not available. However, this affordability does not come at the cost of quality. Most highly sought after vacation rental properties are great places to stay.

Hotels are not ideal for a long stay. It can be great to stay at a hotel for two, three or even four days. However, a long stay, say two weeks, at a hotel can be daunting. Most people get homesick and the hotel bills would be astronomical. It is more cost effective to stay at a rental when you are spending a week or two on vacation. It is also more comfortable.

In general, if you are staying at any place for more than three days, a vacation rental is the best option both in terms of cost and comfort.

Privacy is assured with a vacation rental. If you like your privacy, a hotel may not be ideal for you as you have to deal with housekeeping staff as well as a variety of sources of noise and disturbance. With a vacation rental, all that is eliminated.

You also don’t have to conform to the schedule of a hotel for exercise and breakfast when you stay at a vacation rental.

Vacation homes give you access to special and unique properties. Do you find hotels boring and too ordinary? Vacation rentals gives you an opportunity to get a truly unique properties. 18th century stone buildings with great views and private villas overlooking beaches are some listings you can find when you choose a vacation rental.

Vacation rentals are as comfortable as home. Staying in a hotel is often an uncomfortable, industrial experience. Get the comfort of home by staying in a vacation rental. They include all the things you expect to find at home. Books. Flowers. Games. Electrical appliances. Laundry machines. You can do the washing anytime you want. If you prefer home cooked food, you can use the kitchen and prepare food. All amenities that would make your stay comfortable are available.

How To Make Guest Feel At Home

Books. Flowers. Games. Electrical appliances. Laundry machines. Airbnb offers more than a living place.

You get more space with vacation homes. Hotel rooms are not very spacious unless you are willing to drop significant amounts of cash. However, the typical vacation home gives you enough space for all your activities.

Vacation homes are pet friendly. It is easier to find a vacation home with space for your cats or dogs than to find a hotel willing to do same. This is another advantage of vacation rentals over hotels.

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Doggy: Take Me With You Please! Your little friend prefers a vacation rental as well.

More people now pick a vacation rental above a hotel lodging when on a holiday trip as the comfort and space of staying in a real house beats being in a hotel.When you are enjoying someone else’s Airbnb, have you ever considered being a host at the same time? Check out more on our Sydney Airbnb Property Management website if you are interested in funding your next vacation with your short term rentals.