5 Easy Ways to Make Your Airbnb Guest Feel at Home

There are several advantages for guests to stay at your Airbnb versus a hotel. Airbnb is attracting more and more travelers as a newly developming shared economy. Firstly, they are often cheaper, and secondly, it’s so much homier. You want to show your guests these advantages by giving authentic home-touches, so here are some Airbnb Hosting Tips to get you started.

1, Communication 

Have you ever checked into a hotel and you get to the 17th floor, only to find out your key doesn’t work and you have to haul your luggage back downstairs to finally have your key approved and then go back up? Nobody wants that, or anything like that. Communication with your guests is key so that there is no confusion or mis-communication. Written communication like texts or emails is best so that they can be re-read at their leisure. Also, when they arrive there should be clear hand-written directions that include anything special they need to know like the Wi-Fi password, door codes, water pressure, etc.

2, Cleanliness 

Keep it clean. This should really be listed as number one. While creating a clean space for your guest seems pretty obvious, there are a few ways to make even a clean room or home feel fresher. Bleaching your whites and using fabric softener is a simple way to make your guest feel at home, or maybe even better than home. Provide lots of fresh linens, purchasing new ones as required. Some Airbnb owners will even let guests take the pillows home – super clean! You can also hire a cleaning service if you are too busy to do it yourself. 

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A tidy house is the first step to impress your guests.

3, Bathroom Essential 

One of the benefits to staying in a nice hotel is you know they’re going to have nice soaps, so why not re-create that for your guests? Use neutral, natural fragrances like orange blossom hand soap or lemon. Think about your essentials at home, things like a toothbrush, toothpaste, toilet paper, feminine products – things you wouldn’t want to be stranded without.

4, Decoration

Show how to use the space. Make it easy to see how your guest can use the home by placing a blank calendar at a work desk, a cookbook in the kitchen, or a few novels stacked in a reading nook. When you’re at home you know what spaces you like for certain things, so show these to your guests and make their learning curve a little easier.

5, A good living room

Many people love to spend their lazy afternoon on couch watching movie and sport game. A warm and cosy couch create spaces that people want to be in. You can put a soft fabric small couches, faux fur area rugs, heaps of cushions and soft throw blankets—the things you like at home or at other people’s homes. Warm colours make a space feel smaller but more inviting. If you want an extra score from your guest. You could consider to put a BIG flatscreen TV with heaps of good movie DVD and unlimited stream data for online TV shows. 

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You can feel your home becoming more beautiful and inviting, so why not take it one step further and get professional help? KozyGuru is an Sydney Airbnb management company that will help you with cleaning, staging your home, and positive guest communication. Check out KozyGuru.com for more information.