Why You Should Meet Your Airbnb Guests in Person

There are possibly a few thoughts you think when you read: why you should meet your Airbnb guests in person. The first is likely, ‘Umm… yeah, why should I?’ Possibly followed by, ‘I don’t really want to’. Sure, the concept of meeting strangers is not fun to many. But considering the fact that they’re staying in your house, it’s probably a good idea.

To begin with, you’ll want to meet your Airbnb guest in person because it shows you care. While this may seem un-important, it can actually be vital to getting bookings. If you show that you care about your guest and take the time to meet them, greet them, and answer any questions, you’re going the extra mile that maybe other hosts aren’t—and the reviews will show this.

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One of the best aspects about Airbnb for many is meeting people. That’s how Superhosts get to be Superhosts—they’re really hosting their guests, not just giving them a key. Airbnb shares a story on their blog about how a young woman was soul-searching and found her soul mate in her Airbnb host—you never know what might happen.

Another reason to meet your guest is for your own good and safety. It’s nearly impossible to communicate in writing everything you might want to tell someone, so this gives you the chance to explain everything. “Don’t go into these rooms. Turn off the lights when you’re done. This is how the ice machine works… etc.” This is to your benefit as well in case you have a guest that you don’t think you feel 100% comfortable with.

Your house is confusing. Maybe you live out in the middle of nowhere on a beautiful ranch. Maybe your apartment is a little old and there are some… quirks you’d want your guest to know. Maybe it’s spooky but they later find it’s just the refrigerator (that has happened before). Whatever it is, to maximize your guests’ enjoyment at your place, make sure they know everything they need to know. Particularly if you live a little far out or on property, there may be special things to explain. Another reason might be if you live in a gated or home-owners-association community, there are special rules they should know so that you don’t get in trouble as a host.

This all may seem like quite a bit of effort for not enough return value, but if it’s at all an option, you should greet your guests in person. It is to everyone’s benefit and will likely help increase your bookings. If you’re truly unavailable to greet your guests, be sure to leave very clear instructions in your communication, and also printed ones when they arrive. You can show that you care even when you’re unable to greet them by having a little present for them as well. You may also consider leaving a video message for them for an additional personal touch. These are always necessary tips for a successful Airbnb property management

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