Superior Key Management for Your Airbnb Rental

Managing keys can be a difficult proposition for individuals who are starting out with Airbnb. There are a couple of major drawbacks to the traditional way of handing off a key. The first issue is individuals are rarely on time. Despite the best of intentions, if you want to do an in-person key handoff, you are at the mercy of your guests arriving when they say they will, traffic operating smoothly, and your guests not getting lost on their way.


This all eats into your time that will be spent waiting for the traditional key handoff. Not only does this limit when you can give them the key, it also limits your guests’ freedom to be able to come at their own pace. The fact is, handing over keys in person to your Airbnb rental is so last century. In the twenty-first century, there are a number of superior ways that will allow greater freedom for you and still allow your guests to be able to get into the home and have it be secured. You also will never have to worry about a guest accidentally forgetting the key and taking it with them when they go.


The most important advancement in key lock technology, especially for the Airbnb community, is the idea of smart locks. Not only can smart locks be reprogrammed after every single stay allowing you greater control over who has access to your property, but it also means that you can simply email or send the smart lock information to your customer once a reservation has been booked. By being able to send this information digitally, it will allow individuals who have rented your property to get a digital key which they can use to then open the property during their stay there.


Key services

Your guest will be happy to have the key ready whenever they arrive.


This is an incredibly liberating experience both for client and for host. This means that you have the freedom to simply send them their information on how to access the digital lock and then you can be on your way or enjoy your vacation. You do not have to wait for them; you don’t have to worry about lost, stolen, or duplicated keys; and your guests get to have the freedom to arrive at whatever hour they please and not be worried about missing their rendezvous with the host.


If for whatever reason you are unwilling or unable to set up a digital locking system, there are still plenty of options for you, one of which is that there are companies that specialize in key handoff. These are companies or places where your clients can pick up their key at extended hours that you do not need to be present for. The company makes sure that the key is given out and received back at the end of a stay. These third parties, usually have other Airbnb property services, are an excellent way of being able to serve your guests no matter when they come in, free yourself, and not have to upgrade your locking system for your home.


Remember, your time is valuable, so the more efficiently you can get keys to your clients, the more freedom both you and they will have to enjoy being a part of Airbnb.  To learn more tips and tricks, check out our other posts on