Your Airbnb Checklist – What Are the Most Important Things to Have in Your Home?


When we prepare a home for Airbnb guests, we often forget that people come to an Airbnb because they expect the home experience. They need many of the same items or objects that they would expect to find in their own home and it can be very frustrating for your guests when those things are lacking. It can sometimes be difficult to imagine all circumstances in which your guests might need something but here are a couple of the top ones that are the most important to include in every one of your Airbnb rental properties.


A house manual

It may seem strange that this is one of the most important things but if your guests are lost, confused, need to find your contact information, or need any other local information about the area or their home, they will need this home manual to help them as a guide for where to find things. This manual is incredibly important to your guests and including a section on where things are in your home can be helpful for them if they are trying to find that item which they need and can’t seem to find where you put it.



Yes towels. Not necessarily bath towels, although including those can oftentimes be a great nicety to your renters, but also things like dish towels and hand towels. Again, it’s so simple to overlook some of these little things when you’re not the one who lives there. But individuals need towels for a variety of reasons and the last thing your client wants is to have to wipe their wet hands on their shirt or pants because their Airbnb host neglected to give them something more appropriate. Towels also help you as well because if your renter happens to make a mess they are far more likely to clean it up successfully if they have towels available to them than waiting for you to find it later.


What to have in Airbnb


Cutlery and kitchenware

Cutlery and kitchenware are also very important. Many people who rent an Airbnb may do so because they have a desire to cook for themselves. Including things like a can opener, forks, knives, plates, cooking equipment, and utensils are all cheap, reusable, cleanable, and can help your Airbnb have a more home-like feel and enable your guests to do more with the property they’re renting.



We don’t just mean toilet paper, although that is also an important thing to make sure is well stocked before any guests come.  We mean other toiletries like a toothbrush and toothpaste still in the packaging, small soaps, small shampoos, things like that. People who get off of long trips can sometimes find they have forgotten some of the most essential elements of simple hygiene. By providing them, you help your guests feel at home and clean after a long day’s travel.


To ensure every one of your properties has the things you need, it is strongly recommended that you either create a checklist from your own home or better yet choose to live temporarily in your own Airbnb so you can find all the things that you might want if you were a guest there as well. Doing these things can ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.


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