Interior Designing on a Budget

As an Airbnb host you are not simply a host – you are also the hotel manager and salesman. Your goal is to help provide your potential clientele with anything and everything they need to make sure that their stay is one that they enjoy. One of the most important aspects of both selling the house or room itself and your clients enjoying their time is to have proper interior design done. They are not just looking for a bed to sleep on – individuals who like to use Airbnb want the home to have a homey feel. Having a homey feel for your guests is a great way to both help them enjoy their time and to keep them coming back time and time again. This article is going to teach you some tricks about how to do Airbnb Interior Design with TIGHT BUDGET!

So what are some design ideas that you can do on a budget? You do not need to hire a professional interior designer, necessarily, to work on your space. There are lots of little design tips and tricks that you can do to enhance the beauty of your home without having to pay significant amounts of money to do so. One of the first things you should do is to simply pick a theme. Rooms and even homes should have themes. All things should go together.

Alternatively, you can do some fun themes like Star Wars or Lord of the Rings.  Trying to do so on a budget can be a bit challenging, but if you have a colour printer and a graphics program, you will be able to print out artwork and iron-on templates that you can use to frame and hang on the wall or iron onto fabric and turn into decorative pillows.  Then, just use some pool noodles and duct tape to make light sabres and encourage your guests to have a little fun!

When thinking about colours, bright and vibrant colours are particularly prone to clashing when used incorrectly. It is also an important thing to steer clear of red as red is a colour that is psychologically known to be associated with anger and angst. Instead, choose blue which is a more relaxing colour to set the tone of your Airbnb interior design.

Interior Design Tips

Apart from these interior design tips, you also have to check out you have these important things in your home

In addition to picking a good theme or colour scheme, it is also important that your home come across as light and airy. Do not fill up every nook and cranny with items, junk, or plastic gnomes. Leave some space to be enjoyed as empty space. After all, your guests may well have their own items that they would like to put on the table or nightstand without having to move the clutter. 

A super easy way to redecorate for a low cost is to do so at no cost – rearrange the furniture!  You can create a whole new feel in a room by bringing in pieces from other rooms and completely changing the look in next to no time at all.  You’ll also get to turn some of your creative energy loose by thinking of things in a new way, and you will freshen up the way your house looks – and therefore how your listing looks!

Lastly, more light is better. It may not quite seem like interior design but actually having a room which is well-lit either by natural light or by good quality light bulbs is an important aspect of maintaining the airiness, openness, and peace of a room. If you have poor natural lighting, then please do not go with the washout white fluorescent light bulbs you find in office buildings (and for cheap) and rather choose to go with bulbs that give off a more natural light. Choosing something that gives off the aura of natural light will help the room feel better lit even if the sun’s not shining.

By simply leaving some open space, keeping your rooms well-lit, and picking a theme or colour scheme to go in your home, you can make it feel like a home for your guests as they return over and over again.  To learn more tips on ways you can be an Airbnb success, check out our posts on We will provide you with best Airbnb services