Choosing Your Housekeeper

Having an Airbnb can be a fun side hustle. However, not everyone loves changing the linens, wiping down the toilet seats, taking out the trash etc. So, choosing your housekeeper can be a great way to avoid the unpleasantness while making sure your Airbnb property is sparkling clean. The question is which housekeeper should I choose?

Get a referral

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One way is start with a referral from your family or colleagues. Word of mouth always guarantees your potential housekeeper meets the standard and expectation. From that point onward, you can have a chat with him to get to know him personally. It will be great if you can offer him a probational period where you can assess his work ethic. 

Setting the Expectation

Setting the expectation upfront is always preferred to negotiating the quality of work afterwards. When hiring a new housekeeper, you should always be clear with what the daily to-do-list is. It is good to review the weekly routine too. Be consistent with your expectation and make it easy for your new housekeeper to follow along. It is a disaster if your housekeeper is always changing his routine because he is unsure of what your expectation is. 

How Do They Clean?

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Bigger cleaning company can bring more people in to get the job done faster.  They will have backup to call in if one of their team can’t show up for the cleaning task. On the flip side, if you hire an individual cleaner, it might be easier to ask them to do something special for you.

It is good to know the types of cleaning products they use. Is using organic products important to you? Or do you prefer a certain brand they should use for your Airbnb?

How about cleaning time and the key? How will you facilitate the key? These are all details you need to discuss with your cleaner to facilitate efficient cleaning. 

Get an estimate

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Get a quote from the company if you are using a housekeeping company. We understand you want to get the best price quote, but it is best not to hammer down the price. Great service comes with affordable price. First impression is important and if the company thinks you are cheap and pushy, they will make sure the service you receive matches what you pay.

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