Transforming Your Property into Airbnb

Your property has been sitting there, waiting to be transformed into… something, and then the idea strikes you – you could do some renovation and transform your property into Airbnb! But you shouldn’t just make it any Airbnb – make it a 5 star property. Here’s how:

Before Transformation: Ask Permission, Don’t Beg for Forgiveness 

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Check with your homeowners’ association before you start anything!  If they say no to your Airbnb idea, the answer is no. They can fine you significant amounts of money if you violate the terms. 

Also, be sure you check your local government’s laws about short-term rentals.  Some cities and towns are much more open to them than others.  And again, it is an expensive mistake to not know these first.

Renovation Time for Transforming My Airbnb

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Do you know when the carpets were last changed? Or how old that light fixture is?  Aesthetics aside, sometimes for health reasons or for safety reasons, you will want to change things out. 

Other things like a fresh coat of paint can perk up the old property over a weekend, so you get a lot of gain for very little effort – and money.  Even things like new faucets or door handles can make a huge impact and take your home from shabby to chic, i.e. smartlock etc. Replacing full sinks and cabinets is a much larger project, but depending on their condition it may need to be done.  But consider your investment level against the amount of returns you expect to get. Does it worth it? Or are you just changing things for the sake of changing them?

Some other quick fixes include fresh landscaping that can be as easy as picking up some hardy perennials and scattering some flower seeds, and fresh, clean, new appliances.

Think like a guest

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It might even be a good idea to stay in your own property and see what your guest sees.  If your mattress is lumpy or the sheets smell like moth balls, you will be the first one to notice.

You will need to furnish the entire place, whether it is just a room or a full house. And don’t go for the avant-garde pieces that will make your guests scratch their heads. Furniture should be functional first and fun second. Include things like an ironing board and an iron, particularly if you are hosting business people. A friendly-workplace would be a good catch. 

Have some teas and a coffeemaker ready for that caffeine burst first thing in the morning, and your guests will be perky enough to leave you a 5 star review. 

Simple fixes go a long way

Amenities make huge difference. Little things like a bedside station to charge electronics or smart gadgets such as wireless charger, smart electronic guide etc add a finishing blow to your guests.