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Tidying Up with KozyGuru

Tidying Up with KozyGuru Anyone has watched the show Tidying up with Marie Kondo? In every episode, Marie Kondo (a organizational consultant) will visit houses, helping residents with one task: Tidying up. You might be wondering why would I need a stranger to come in to my house? On top of that, the stranger is

Listing Your Property on Multiple Platforms

Listing Your Property on Multiple Platforms  No doubt one of the reasons you have an Airbnb unit – or more – is to generate some income from it.  You have your listing on Airbnb but perhaps you have wondered if there is anything more you can do to promote your listing.  The good news is

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Transforming Your Property into Airbnb

Transforming Your Property into Airbnb Your property has been sitting there, waiting to be transformed into… something, and then the idea strikes you – you could do some renovation and transform your property into Airbnb! But you shouldn’t just make it any Airbnb – make it a 5 star property. Here’s how: Before Transformation: Ask Permission, Don’t Beg for

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Daily Responsibilities as an Airbnb Professional Manager

So now you have your Airbnb up and running. What is your daily responsibilities as an Airbnb Professional Manager looks like? What to do between check-in and check-out time? A gap between check-out and check-in allows you enough time to clean and reset the unit. You will want to make sure all the essentials are restocked. If you have

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Choosing Your Housekeeper

Choosing Your Housekeeper Having an Airbnb can be a fun side hustle. However, not everyone loves changing the linens, wiping down the toilet seats, taking out the trash etc. So, choosing your housekeeper can be a great way to avoid the unpleasantness while making sure your Airbnb property is sparkling clean. The question is which housekeeper

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How to Deal with Airbnb Difficult Guests?

How to Deal with Bad Airbnb Guests We’ve all been there – we’ve seen some of the best, and the worst, of people in a service industry like a hotel or a customer help desk. It just takes one person to ruin your entire day. Running an Airbnb is even more taxing than dealing with

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Airbnb Host Insurance

Consider converting your home to short-term rental? In the unexpected event that something doesn’t go as planned, your ordinary home insurance might fail to protect you. Airbnb host insurance is something you should consider before renting out your house. How does Airbnb host insurance look like? Airbnb has launched a Host Protection Insurance program that provides primary

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A Successful Airbnb Case Study Located in Melbourne

A Successful Airbnb Case Study Located in Melbourne Brand New 2 Bed CBD Apartment KozyGuru increased 30% more rental income per annum. The apartment was rented out successfully after listed online for 3 days only. About Our Client Our client is Tracy, who lives and works in Melbourne. She invested this Brand New 2 bedroom

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‘What Is Next?’ The New Airbnb Regulation Introduced by NSW Government

‘What Is Next?’ The New Airbnb Regulation Introduced by NSW Government Strata owner corporations will be able to determine for themselves whether to ban Airbnb rental market from their apartment blocks, under new regulation announced by the NSW government on 5 June 2018. The new rules are to prevent short-term letting in their block if

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How To Maximise Occupancy On Airbnb During Slow Season?

How To Maximise Occupancy On Airbnb During Slow Season? With that in mind, your best bet is to target for a high occupancy that still gives you room to utilise of potential higher income bookings that appears at the last minute. To get this right, it is essential to have our useful strategies that you

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