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Short Term Rental Market

Airbnb is a relatively new company, starting in 2008 in San Francisco.  But, it has absolutely revolutionized the way people travel and stay.  It is a huge part of the shared economy that includes ride share companies like Lyft and Uber.  Things are evolving fast and technology has made concepts possible that no one would

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Airbnb Racism and Discrimination

Airbnb has become arguably one of the best companies riding on this peer-to-peer based economic activity. This rapid rise has come with some growing pains, however.  People of colour in particular, but also people with disabilities have encountered Airbnb racism and discrimination on the site.  Airbnb has taken steps to help combat such issues on the hosts’ part

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Short Stay Insurance

ShareCover Short Stay - Short Stay Accommodation Rental Insurance  We know that your peace of mind is paramount while your property is used for short stay accommodation. That’s why we’ve gone into partnership with Australia’s leading marketplace insurer – ShareCover. ShareCover is underwritten by Insurance Australia Group, Australia’s largest general insurer. Each ‘Strata property’ listed on KozyGuru is covered through ShareCover’s purpose-built Strata Annual

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Airbnb Guidebook

Congratulations on setting up your Airbnb! Now you are thinking: Decors are up, essentials are stocked, listing is done! What can I do to make guest experience better? The answer is: Create an Airbnb guidebook! Check out our other blog posts on how to prepare your home for Airbnb! It contains a lot of helpful

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Become an Airbnb Superhost

You have an Airbnb up and running, but you just struggle to achieve the number you desire. Perhaps you wanted to become an Airbnb superhost but you don't know how to. We, KozyGuru, have put together a simple infographic that consolidate all the criteria to become an Airbnb Superhost! You will also find some important tools

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Airbnb Plus in Sydney

Fancy a 5 stars Airbnb experience but doesn’t want to bleed your wallet? In fact, it always feels like playing hide-and-seek when looking for the right place to stay in Airbnb. When you think you have found “it”, suddenly you come across the “IT”. This is what I like about Airbnb. The sheer amount and

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Airbnb Pricing Strategy

What is your Airbnb pricing strategy? Have you ever wondered how to set the right price for your Airbnb throughout different seasons? You need to have a full pricing strategy, and that includes pricing for public holidays. And that also means not every public holiday is the same.  Let’s face it – if you have

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Tidying Up with KozyGuru

Tidying Up with KozyGuru Anyone has watched the show Tidying up with Marie Kondo? In every episode, Marie Kondo (a organizational consultant) will visit houses, helping residents with one task: Tidying up. You might be wondering why would I need a stranger to come in to my house? On top of that, the stranger is

Transforming Your Property into Airbnb

Transforming Your Property into Airbnb Your property has been sitting there, waiting to be transformed into… something, and then the idea strikes you – you could do some renovation and transform your property into Airbnb! But you shouldn’t just make it any Airbnb – make it a 5 star property. Here’s how: Before Transformation: Ask Permission, Don’t Beg for

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