Project Description

Product Details

  • 4K High HD Wi-Fi Sport Camera
  • 4K recording (3840*2160) 24fps
  • Wi-Fi control range is 30m.
    Supported, Android/ IOS APP
  • Camera 4K- 170 degree wide Angle
  • Deep submergence 30m waterproof
  • Selfie stick & Floating handle grip
    (By Special Request)
This might be an annual family vacation, a honeymoon or a getaway short break with your friends. How wonderful if you could use this little camera to record every precious moment? You can use this as a normal wide angle HD camera or even use it for video recording. This 4K High HD Wi-Fi Sport Camera is ready for you. We will also prepare a SD card in case you do not have one with you. Have a great start of your holiday with a great camera!