Sydney is the most populous city in Australia and in fact, the entire Oceania. With over seven million domestic visitors and eight million international visitors, Sydney has proven to be a tourism mecca. The CBD is one of the best parts of Sydney to visit. The Sydney CBD (Central business district) is the commercial nerve center of Sydney. It is the center of many business activities and a great place to visit. Below are five great landmarks and venues for tourists to go to in order to properly enjoy a stay in or a visit to Sydney CBD. Let’s check this 5 Places must go in Sydney CBD!

Opera House

The Opera House is home to some of the best tourist attractions in Australia.  Some of the best bars and restaurants in Sydney are here offering sumptuous foods and drinks. Many tourists have enjoyed the harbor cruises and jet boats available at the Opera House. The location seem to be tailor made for tourists. Visitors are guaranteed to have a great time.

Queen Victoria Building

Queen Victoria Building is one of Australia’s busiest shopping centers. It is pedestrian only and every tourist who wants a memory of Australia would surely visit this mall to do some shopping. Beyond the shopping, the mall is a great landmark that would serve as nice backgrounds for your selfies and Instagram pictures. With more than 400 specialty and chain stores, visitors can buy whatever they want to buy.

Royal Botanic Gardens

This 40-acre park in Sydney CBD is a popular tourist attraction. It is home to well-kept gardens and trees such as Figs and Palms. It is well known for the Archibald fountains and the Nagoya gardens (the entrance to the underground rail station). Visitors to the Royal Botanical Gardens have also liked visiting the Lake of Reflections (also known as the Pool of Resemblance). The Gardens is a great landmark and a visit to Sydney CBD is not complete without going to the Gardens.

Sydney Tower

Also known as Centrepoint Tower, this observation and communications tower is the tallest landmark in Sydney CBD. It is visible from various parts of the CBD and is one of the places every visitor to Sydney must check out. There is a shopping center at the base of the tower and cultural events like the Sydney Tower Run Up has made the building famous. Definitely a great place to take pictures and tourists are highly welcome there.

Haymarket and Chinatown

Located at the southern end of the CBD, Haymarket is an area with a lot of tourist attractions like the Sydney Entertainment Centre, Chinatown, Market City and the Capitol theatre. At the Capitol theatre, you can enjoy musicals and stage dramas. You can also enjoy a variety of Asian cuisine at the various Thai, Malaysian, Japanese and Chinese restaurants in Haymarket.

Sydney is a great place to visit and the CBD being the business heart of town offers a whole lot of tourist attractions. The above places to visit are just a start and enterprising tourists can visit a lot more places in Sydney.