How To Deal With Bad Airbnb Guests

While Airbnb does do an awesome job of screening all guests and hosts, and even though you have to accept each one, have communication with them beforehand, and as a host can even sometimes see their Facebook profile, sometimes there are just bad guests. But there are a lot of good guests, too, so if you’ve had a couple of bad guests, don’t let it ruin the experience for you.

When reading different blogs, the consensus for what qualifies as a ‘bad guest’ seems to be that they are impolite, rude, and/or aggressive, but mainly that they do not follow the house rules. Since no one wants to have a tough guest, we’ll start with ways to avoid them.

  1. Have very very clear house rules and descriptions. Communication is key. If a guest feels like ‘oh maybe I could just sneak another person in because they didn’t have a specified limit,’ obviously they shouldn’t have that attitude, but you need to have specific house rules. Also, be sure they know exactly what amenities they’re getting, including if you’re having any work done at your place or some things aren’t working. This will help you keep good reviews, too.


  1. Don’t allow automatic booking. This is a nice option for some reasons, like the guest doesn’t have to wait to book, but it also means you’re opening yourself up to potential hazards by not checking each guest you confirm. Also, don’t be afraid to cancel if the guest is being very difficult on the front end. While no one wants to do this, it is better to have to cancel than to have a bad guest in your home. Do so very cautiously, however.


bad guests airbnb

Airbnb hosting has its pros and cons. It is not an easy thing but you are never alone.


Now, if you’ve done all your due-diligence and your guest is still giving you trouble:

  1. Stick to the house rules. Have an open discussion with your guest if they’ll be reasonable. Remind them of what your stated agreement was, and show them where they’ve transgressed. It is best to keep this as positive as possible as sometimes just having a good attitude can defuse an uncomfortable situation. People who have budged on their house rules by allowing more guests than they paid for, etc., have opened themselves up to the guest feeling entitled, and he or she will not want to respect the rules.


  1. If you’ve tried to have a reasonable discussion but your guest will not follow the rules, seems violent or aggressive, or makes you uncomfortable, contact Airbnb. They are a team that wants to help you and are vested in making sure that hosts have a good time as well. Keep in mind that as an Airbnb host, you have insurance for your home and belongings, so if anything is stolen or damaged, it may be covered. You can have a case manager help you with a guest problem, too.


Remember, when you book via Airbnb, you are never alone.

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