Give the Best Information To Your Airbnb Guests

Many people may wonder about whether they should list their home on Airbnb especially if they’re living in the Sydney area. If you are going to be gone for a set period of time, listing your home can be an excellent way for your home to pay for itself. Your home is an investment, so why not ensure that investment continues, even while you are not there? Having people come in who can make use of it is a great way for your home to help pay for its own upkeep. Why should you be stuck paying the bill for a home when you’re not even in it, when you can have individuals who need a place to stay pay for it instead?


One of the very important things to consider before you list your house or apartment is how accessible is your home to public transportation in Sydney? This may seem like an odd thing to consider, but the fact is short-term Airbnb rentals, like the one available while you were on vacation, are going to be snapped up fastest and most profitably if you have convenient access to public transportation. Public transportation is the great boon for Airbnb travellers.


Airbnb is designed to be a more economical option for those who can’t afford traditional hotels or choose to have the simpler, homier feel of staying in an actual home as opposed to a hotel. However, many individuals who stay in Airbnb locations are big on utilizing public transportation. If your listing is brand-new, has no reviews, or has a short window of availability, then one of your greatest selling points for it is your easy access to public transportation. Public transportation means that no matter what the quality of your housing is, individuals will have easy access to all the places they want to go in the greater Sydney region. People are willing to take a risk on an unknown Airbnb property if they have the ability to be able to get around conveniently. Emphasizing this point in your listing is an awesome way of being able to help sell your home.

Public Transportation

Setting up your listing is never a easy thing, Check out this post to get prepared.

Another great way that you can help ensure your customers have all the information they need about public transportation, in addition to labelling it in your listing itself, is to have information regarding the Sydney public transit system, specifically those transit hubs near your home or apartment, in a convenient booklet for your clients to use while they are staying with you. This booklet should contain other things as well like numbers to local restaurants or fun attractions that may be lesser-known, but there certainly should be a section on pricing, dates, times, and map locations of local transit hubs and the fastest ways to get to major sites. This information will be invaluable to your clients and will help show your Airbnb is a premier service for clients for whom public transportation is a way of life.


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