Hi-Tech Airbnb


A high-tech Airbnb may sound like an expensive proposition; however, depending on what you do, you can give your home a high-tech feel without breaking the bank, and even utilize this technology to ensure the happiness of your guests and to maintain the affordability of renting. How can technology help making your life easier, and improve your overhead?


Let’s start with a digital thermostat. Most thermostats nowadays are digital but a new breed of thermostat is allowing individuals to connect them to their phones. This can be a great option for your guests and for you to be able to control the thermostat while everyone is away. If your guest is going to be out all day, there is no reason for you to air condition the entire apartment or house when they are not even there. Setting up auto timers can allow you to be able to adjust the temperature back to a pleasant degree before they return. This can save you a lot of money on your power bills, as individuals renting from you are not super concerned about how much electricity they utilise due to the fact that they are paying a flat fee. But the more efficient you are, the lower your expenditures will be.


Modern Airbnb

Another great way to give a home a five-star feel without having to break the bank is to include an indoor movie theatre. Indoor movie theatres are not the expensive proposition that they used to be. A good projector can cost in the low hundreds now, and if you already have a large white wall in your home then you don’t even need a screen. Just include some comfy seating, a good projector, and attach it to an old gaming console or computer to allow your guests to be able to enjoy movies from Netflix, Amazon, or their favourite movie browsers of choice.


There are even some ways in which technology can help save you effort. Your time is valuable. If you have to spend a large amount of your time cleaning up or working on things then that is time you are either not at your day job, or time that you are not taking for yourself. Lowering the amount of time it takes to do things is a great way to decrease your expenditures. One way that you can do this is by getting a robotic vacuum. These devices have become increasingly adept at auto vacuuming areas of a home. The auto vac can go underneath couches and beds; across tile, wood, and carpet; and can help clean up messes before your guests arrive. Letting this robotic maid start getting to work before you lowers the amount of work you have to do later.


Don’t let the profitability or the ease of twenty-first-century technology pass you by. You don’t need to spend your life savings to make your Airbnb a high-tech one – all you need to do is to invest a little in technology and let the technology pay you back with greater energy savings, time savings, and greater enjoyment for your guests.


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