Vacation Rentals Management in Sydney: Case Study

By KozyGuru

June 15, 2021

By KozyGuru

June 15, 2021

It's no secret that efficient vacation rental management can increase your bookings and elevate your Airbnb business to new heights. Hiring the right vacation rental management company for your home can take the stress, endless tasks, extra time, and marketing responsibilities off your plate.

It's clear that good management is essential for long-term success, but what exactly does vacation rental property management involve? 

Keep reading to see what our property owner has achieved with KozyGuru managing their investment property.


Many property management companies in Australia offer a wide range of services, including home furnishing, photography, bill management, and more. 

Although there may seem to be many choices, the quality of the services can be uneven. Choosing the wrong property management company can lead to more disputes than you think. Choosing the right property management company makes it easier for the landlord to provides greater security.



We often hear that some homeowners think that it is easy to be a host, but didn't expect to really face the complicated procedures or communicate with the tenants or even clean up After waiting for trivial things, I realized that property management is really not so easy, but very tiring!


Not to mention having to deal with inquiries on various platforms at any time, so choosing a reliable and trustworthy property management company is really a very important issue for the homeowner. Being an Airbnb host is not an easy task. Give the heavy work to a professional team. All you have to do is enjoy the short-term rental income.


Learn some of the ways its working for a select few our customers below. 


Sydney Airbnb management success stories

  • Entire apartment
  • 4 guests | 2 bedroom | 2 bed | 1 bath
  • Haberfield | Sydney's Real Little Italy | Garden suburbs 2 Bedrooms House
  • Haberfield, Sydney NSW, AU
  • Standard rental model $580 - $630 aud/w
    KozyGuru on average $1080 - 1110 aud/w


Due to work, the homeowner will be away for 3-6 months per year and will need to travel between international locations. The landlord hopes to rent out his property as an Airbnb while he is away. Before, he had tried to put up his photos and received his first booking. But he found that the management of an Airbnb landlord was not as easy as he had thought, instead, there were many tedious things to deal with, and it was not easy at all.

He realised that he needed someone to help him out in his absence, and he needed a professional property management company to take care of all the hassle for him to focus on his original job with more peace of mind. So he searched Google and found that KozyGuru was highly rated on the internet, so he chose KozyGuru to take care of his property.


After discussing with KozyGuru, he found that they would provide more professional insight and a more thoughtful way of doing things, making it easier for him to collect a significant amount of rent and create a flexible booking schedule that would fit perfectly with his.

We also found out that the owners had previously taken photos of their own objects and uploaded them to the platform, but those photos looked a bit unattractive~.

Every photo is critical. It is the first impression that the tenant sees. That is why every picture of KozyGuru is produced by a team of professional home stagers and photographers working together!

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Following is a comparison of our professional photography v.s normal photography. Getting your property professional photographed will pay dividends since the photos will be re-used for the length of time you intend to rent you property,

(drag to see changes)




The main solution we assisted in this property

  • Attract tenants with high-quality photography.
  • Our full-service takes care of everything for the landlord: professional photography, listing on multiple rental platforms, guest communication, price optimisation, Airbnb house cleaning, key management, home design, home maintenance, utility bill management.
  • Calendar for homeowner to see upcoming bookings, easily block out dates for homeowner's personal use.

Interested in hiring a full-service property manager?

KozyGuru is one of the few companies that offer short and long term rentals property management. Whether it is your home or investment property, our Airbnb management services will take good care of your property and make you a more relaxed landlord. 

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