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The Airbnb & Vacation Rental Insurance Guide

Renter's insurance is more crucial than ever. If you've successfully turned your house into an income-producing asset, then it should be protected in the same way.

We share what Airbnb damage claims are, what qualifies as a damage claim and how you can go about filing these claims on the Airbnb platform.

Short Term Rental Insurance For Airbnb

Bookings on Airbnb come with "free" short-term rental insurance. Known as AirCover., Airbnb's host protection policy. A host and guest are protected from financial loss if their property or belongings are damaged during their stay. Airbnb has paid some property claims, but let's be honest, if your home burns down, Airbnb won't rebuild it. You need to insure your short-term rental property just like any other property you own. Airbnb Host Protection is actually a commercial liability insurance policy. In any case, Airbnb is the named insured, and they can decide who gets coverage. Something has to give and it comes in the form of exclusions or limitations in the policy. Airbnb’s short-term rental insurance clearly excludes personal and advertising injury, assault and battery and much more. Yes, it’s there as an added layer of protection for certain occurrences, but just like property insurance, every owner needs to carry their own liability insurance policy with their name on it, not Airbnb’s.

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Holiday Unit Insurance Cover for Owner’s Contents & Rental Income

Holiday homes can be very valuable assets – and in some cases, even more valuable than your permanent residence. Insure yourself against the odds: We are always looking out for you! This is why we have collaboration with SGUA to roll out an exclusive short-term rental property insurance package that are only available to KozyGuru homeowners. As you may notice, your property is listed on multiple vacation booking platforms but most of them do not provide insurance. If your property and its content are damaged during the period of hosting, you are not protected properly. Read more about why you need insurance coverage or shoot us an email at now to protect your home!
Loss of Rent
Legal Liability
Damage by Tenants
Owners Contents
Lock Changing
Accidental Loss or Damage
Flood Cover

What Airbnb services does KozyGuru provide?


Holiday Home Insurance

Our trust partneSGUA provides comprehensive insurance cover that landlords need to protect their holiday home and have peace of mind. Covering a range of property types including villas, cottages, houses and inner city apartments, SGUA offers packages that have been put together specifically for holiday home rental arrangements. Review our Product Disclosure Statement or Compare our Products.

Furnishing Services

Our styling experts tailor packages that suit your home and budget and make it stand out on the Airbnb Market. From kitchen utensils to bedding, white goods to other electronics, sofas to outdoor furniture, our setup ensures your home is stocked with everything you need to make your guests feel at home.

Cleaning & Linen

We have the best housekeepers in the industry. They are the heart and soul of our operations and we make sure they are trained to the highest standard to ensure every clean gets a 5 Star review. We perfect the look with crisp, white, hotel quality linen.

Corporate Rental

KozyGuru sets up your property so it does not only speak to holiday makers but also to the Corporate Market. By offering inter stay cleans and long stay discounts we work closely with the business travel sector to ensure exposure of your property to a wide range of guests.


Our Full Airbnb management services start with a comprehensive appraisal. From here we make sure everything from set up of your home to photos is coordinated beautifully. Once guests arrive we make them our top priority, by making sure your home is always immaculately presented and being there for them 24/7.


We quickly deal with all the problems that your property may have. Guests will find a welcoming home in its best condition and 24/7 assistance during their stay.

Investment Advice

We give you a free appraisal for your property on the short term rental market. Informed investment starts right from the beginning.

Holiday Home Insurance

Find out how can we help : Holiday homes can be very valuable assets – and in some cases, even more valuable than your permanent residence.

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