New South Wales 2010, Australia

Womerah Avenue

6 Guests

2 Bathrooms

3 Bedrooms

  1. The owner is a Sydney resident. He attempted to sell the house about half a year ago, but he was not satisfied with the price. “Then, I realized the flexibility of short-term rentals, and I decided to convert the property into a short-term rental holiday home, hoping to get better returns before selling it.”

  1. Getting the owner's house ready for rent or auction in the best condition possible. Our furnishing services can easily increase the landlord's income, regardless of the house's location, type, or structure.

  2. Design and refurb the owner's existing property into a high-standard short stay holiday home.

  3. Multi-platform listing to maximise potential market exposure.

  4. Provide a professional photo service to gain attention on more platforms.

  5. Provide a one-stop service from listing to escrow to provide a hassle-free experience for owners.

How we can help
  1. Offering flexible rental plans for home owners, it helps them respond to and adapt to changing markets, while ensuring security and maximizing return on investment.

  2. Our in-house interior design team builds a bespoke furniture and design concept for each of the owner's properties.

  3. During the renovation, an unexpected incident occurred. There were water leaks in the house. We informed the owner and solved the problem together. The KozyGuru team always tries to resolve the owner's problems regardless of the problem at hand!

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Occupancy Rate


Before & After

Previously, there was no furniture, so the owner purchased KozyGuru's Furniture Package. The goal is to make the entire property look stunning and livable but also to make visitors feel at home.
Therefore, the house is no longer cold and empty, and its value will increase.
When buying a house, every buyer imagines what it would be like to live there with his family one day. This is why house decoration and staging are essential!

See what your portfolio can achieve with our flexible leasing plan. Offering both short- and long-term rentals, we can take advantage of short-term peak demand and long-term stability.
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