Airbnb management in Surry Hills

Surry Hills has a mixture of residential, commercial and light industrial areas. It remains Sydney's main centre for fashion wholesale activities, particularly on the western side.

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About Surry Hills

As one of the more desirable areas in Sydney itself and across Australia as a whole, properties in Surrey Hills offer some of the safest investment choices for Airbnb today. With its wealth of fine coffee houses, excellent eating, and relaxed atmosphere, it is an ideal location for short term rentals. Whether eating breakfast at Bourke Street Bakery or enjoying the unique menu at Firedoor, this neighbourhood caters for all tastes and budgets, making it a sought-after location for visitors to the city. Surry Hills has plenty to offer beyond eating too, with the highly respected Belvoir Street Theatre a great destination for the evening. Take a trip to Crown Street and find a vintage fashion bargain or check out the monthly market to find a great bargain. You can catch a movie at the Golden Age cinema or check out the fantastic art galleries such as the Michael Reid Sydney on Kippax Street too, there is always something going on within the neighbourhood. It continues as the sun goes down too, where you can find any number of bars and pubs to enjoy the vibrant local nightlife. From the Button Bar with its vibrant atmosphere to the more relaxed surroundings of The Clock on Crown Street, there are options for every mood. Convenient for everything that Sydney has offer, Surry Hills is the ideal location for any visit to the city.

Airbnb management in Surry Hills

Airbnb has become one of the best business opportunities around for anyone who has or invests in property today. However, today’s short-term rental market is more competitive than ever, and that means it is crucial that your properties are marketed, prepared, and managed effectively at all times. Mistakes can cost your hard-won reputation and have significant impact on business growth and immediate income. Instead of leaving things to chance, we can manage your property in Surry Hills to ensure that you offer the uncompromised quality that guests are looking for today. Whether you have a single property or a portfolio of properties in Surry Hills, our end-to-end Airbnb management solution covers everything for you. Our team of rental property experts with market your property, ensure housekeeping is maintained to the highest standards and manage bookings and guest communication for you. We can even ensure that pricing is continually optimised to maximise your profit.

Property Management Services with KozyGuru

Guest Communication & Handling Booking

From listing your property online to handling customer inquires before and after their stay.

Carefully screening to find the best guests for your property.

Listing your property throughout multiple social media platforms to maximize occupancy rate and revenue.

Key Management & Property Cleaning

Smart check in process to allow guest to check in 24/7 when their flight lands.

Electronic Guide - Book to share house rules, sharing tips and information to travel in your city.

Arranging professional home cleaning service to ensure your property is clean, fresh and ready for your next guests.

Essential Restocking,Bed Linen & Towels

Replenishing bathroom toiletries and providing hotel-quality towels and linen for your guests.

Our Kozy-housekeeper team will ensure most comfortable and memorable accommodation experience for your guests which increase customer satisfaction ratings.

Price Optimization

Based on our expertise, we advise on seasonal rental adjustments according to seasons and specific events in your local area.

We will closely monitor demand and supply of flats in local areas to adjust your price timely. Our aim is to maximize your occupancy rate and income.

Photography & Designing

Professional photography is offered for every property under our management.

Our experienced interior designers will give styling advice for your property

Furniture package is provided under our full management service. Please contact our team for further information.

Routine Inspection

We will assign local property manager to inspect the property every month. The inspection items include the condition of furniture and property as well as overall cleanliness.

The home owner will receive a condition report and a performance chart in detail, Handle the situation of the property carefully, hands off without worries.

Be Everywhere Guests are Booking